Los European Inklings (EUi) so

The European Inklings (EUi) is a collection of monographic on certain current topics related to the European Union. The main aim of this collection is to offer deep reflections, studies and papers on European topics by teachers or highest level professionals.

The collection pretends to be a reflection or the result of a series of conferences, workshops or seminars where highest level lectures present their conclusions on matters of interest, encouraging the participation with other colleagues, academic circle, and with general public. Thanks to publication in both formats, digital and paper the public may have the chance to know and share the knowledge on these issues. The publication period is not fixed by any calendar, although the idea is to hold at least two annual conferences or seminars on the issues mentioned above, followed by a subsequent publication.

The choice of the word Inklings as a name for this collection intends to suggest the idea of ​​an open forum for discussion of issues and topics of interest in the present and to reflect and exchange opinions and perspectives. The meaning of this term as “evidence”, “notion”, “idea which is looming”, ‘or even “hunch” (in Basque: aztarna, arrasto, susmo, edo baita bihozkada ere), we found all these meanings very intriguing to reflect the ultimate goal of these seminars on current issues and problems.

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Published Editions:


EUi1: European Fiscal Integration and national financial systems

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EUi1: Integración fiscal europea y sistemas financieros nacionales


EUi2: Criminal harmonization in Europe

For more information, see:

EUi2: Armonización penal en Europa


EUi3: Economic agreement and European Union law

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EUi 3: Concierto económico y Derecho de la Unión Europea


EUi4: The preliminary ruling procedure

For more information, see:

EUi 4: La cuestión prejudicial europea



EUi5: The European Parliament: Now, it is different?

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EUi 5: El Parlamento Europeo: ¿Esta vez es diferente?


EUi 6: The legal guarantee of Human Rights. A comparative study of regional systems of judicial protection: European, inter-American and African.

EUi 6: La garantía jurisdiccional de los Derechos Humanos. Un estudio comparado de los sistemas regionales de tutela: europeo, interamericano y africano (in press)