Master Degree in Political Integration and Economic Union in the European Union (UPV/EHU)



The Master in Political Integration and Economic Union in the European Union (UPV / EHU) is an official Master’s Degree, 60 ECTS credits, aimed to provide a comprehensive, rigorous and current view of political integration and economic union in the European Union.

The Master is offered in two fields: one related to European Union law, and another related to the Economics and Business in the European Union. Once, the first 25 compulsory credits are completed, the Master enables the possibility of studying the following 20 credits choosing between one of the modalities mentioned above. Finally, a Master Thesis of 15 credits must be carried out.

The Master is imparted as a part of JM Chair frame, by the holder who is at the same time Director of the Master. The Master is imparted by both professors of  UPV / EHU and as well as professors from other universities, national and foreign universities, some   holders of JM Chairs.

The Master curriculum is offered both online and in-person class formats: the whole Master could be coursed in totally via Internet, and there is also the option to attend more than 70% of subjects in-person class, the modality depends on the student choose. The classes are imparted at the Faculty of Law and at the School of Business Administration in Donostia-San Sebastián. The online course is developed thanks the support of the learning platform Moodle provided by the University of the Basque Country-Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (e-Gela).

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